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Lady v
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Started this discussion. Last reply by goldy_locks May 7, 2014. 5 Replies

how do you handle regrets - wishes you had done things differntly to help your husband or show your loveContinue


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Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"Shelley, you write so beautifully about the intimacy of touch, the connection beyond words. it is four years since I lost my beloved and i still feel the empty space, the coldness of loss, the deep yearning. This grief, this deep soul pain, is the…"
Apr 15, 2018
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"Suddenly being widowed includes the horrific traumatic event of the death of the beloved partner and follows for a long time with post traumatic stress events, triggers that remind us of special moments and that can come multiple times  a day.…"
Nov 22, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Born in the 40s or Earlier
"these blogs help me at 20 months to accept the complexity of the journey. Some days I am in tears multiple times. Some days I have a relatively calm and even good day.  I do not have to judge myself as weak or needy thanks to the many stories…"
Nov 22, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"alone now, I lost my husband in a similar manner post surgery, an unusual allergic reaction. The shock, the utter un real experience is like losing a piece of ourselves. Give yourself permission to feel the sadness and at the same time to take care…"
Nov 4, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"I lost my husband suddenly of a massive heartattack. He was in the hospital getting better from surgery.  I was standing right there. Suddenly the nurse was calling for back up and he was gone.  The trauma of sudden death is overwhelming.…"
Oct 31, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"this message board affirms that we are all sane, that trauma and grief create a sense of imbalance, loss, distortion, devastation.  I lost  my beloved 19 months ago.  I still wake up in shock many days asking how can someone who was…"
Oct 25, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"laura jay, you speak the heart's deepest language.  I am 18 months out, still overwhelmed by grief bursts in unexpected moments.  My adult children (not my husband's children) expect me to be fine and not to come with a sad face…"
Oct 19, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Born in the 40s or Earlier
"Laurajay, you write with such heart. You speak for many of us who suffered sudden loss of our beloved spouse. the shock comes back as a post traumatic episode, sometime when we least expect it.  I am comforted sometimes by the knowledge that…"
Sep 10, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Born in the 40s or Earlier
"Moose lady, I just read you post and it made me smile and laugh and cry.  How do we manage the loss, the  joyous memories of the love we lived, the desire our beloved would have for us to live life fully, and the yearning we have to feel…"
Aug 26, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"Donna, the journey of grief is such a dark and crooked road. We help each other by honoring the  ways we journey together and each individual experience.  I was moved this weekend bya poem by John O'Donohue: "when you lose…"
Aug 2, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"Meme 908  you say it perfectly.  Memories shared bring joy and are made vital by the connection. Memories which we carry alone lose their live energy just as we have lost half of ourselves with the loss of our beloved. Sometimes memories…"
Jul 25, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"katpilot your words "when we are dying too" describes the journey we all take.When we lose our beloved spouse suddenly we are also dying,  We must show kindness and self compassion to ourselves as we mourn the double death - the loss…"
Jul 24, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"cosicinnj - despite the daily deep sadness , despite the moments of breaking down, despite the loneliness that cannot be described it is better. to have loved and lost. We carry within us such sweet moments, sometimes bittersweet but always a gift…"
Jul 15, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"Froggie4635,ashley, you touch my heart and the hearts of all of us who share this dark journey.  IEarly in the journey of loss I received a "card that says "the grief that you feel now is the result of the bliss you lived.:"…"
Jul 12, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"Froggie 4635, H2obapper - how well you speak. We all share this journey of the ultimate loss of lover/best friend and having to continue to perform, to work, to be a "grown up" in business and social situations.. Underneath is the reality…"
Jul 10, 2015
Lady v commented on Soaring Spirits's group Suddenly Widowed
"greyhound mom  I share the journey of my husband's wonderful recovery from cancer and three years later sudden death from a cardiac crisis in the hospital three days after surgery from which he was recovering.  I was there.  I…"
Jul 2, 2015

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As a woman over seventy living alone for the first time ever I would like to hear from and help other women navigating this strange territory

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At 6:18pm on September 1, 2014, loycer said…

If you can, stay active.  Go for coffee with friends for conversation.  Practice golf or walk or workout.  Exchange books.  Talk on the telephone; email.  If you like groups, go and mingle.  I started my own  You'll lose some "friends" so be ready to make new contacts.  Read the local newspaper to be informed regarding happenings/events.  Reach out to others; I just visited a hospitalized friend who would call me.  Talk with your maintenance peep so you can forge bonds as these are your support team.

At 3:48pm on August 22, 2014, loycer said…

I have always been independent during the 50 year marriage as my husband chose to travel and be absent for a few days a week so I kept myself occupied but during the last year I subordinated myself to Husband Jack as his caregiver and now I find myself feeling the vastness of what once was and yearn to be involved but must be very cautious in my selection as I do not wish to be "prey" as my widower/friend Barry says some men will see us as.

At 3:45pm on August 22, 2014, loycer said…

I am right there with you after being married for 50 years, never living alone until now, struggling to remain upbeat/positive and motivated and to continue to grow and open new doors as negative ones close.  I was informed by a widower/friend that married women will avoid me for "fear" of losing their husbands!   I am three months out and it is difficult for me to think of anyone but my husband of 50 years

At 3:42pm on August 22, 2014, loycer said…

I think most if not all of us are to be commended for the great jobs we did in caring for our departed ones, for our devotion/commitment/care and cheerleading and for continuing to fight the daily battle to maintain/manage our shattered lives.  I say:  Celebrate Yourself

At 1:48pm on August 15, 2014, Ellen said…

I am very happy to be your friend, Lady v - thank God for this site and all the people on it who truly understand what this journey is all about.  You are in my thoughts and my prayers.  Ellen

At 5:38am on July 22, 2014, silverlady said…
I appreciated your response to my post, Lady v, and your friend request. It is is good to have others to connect with who understand.
At 5:29am on July 22, 2014, Lady v said…

thank you, Spunky.  I will look up the book.

I just watched a video my husband and I had made for my 70th birthday in January. he asked that if he died first that I enjoy all the memories of our wonderful life and that I appreciate all the joy we had. I am trying but all memories are bittersweet.  I have only just met a friend who is a widow and am looking for a support group with which to connect. Thank you for connecting. The aloneness is so shocking after 21 years of deep wonderful connection with my love; the ability to share the journey with others whose story resonates will help.  I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

At 5:08am on July 22, 2014, Spunky said…
Oh, Lady v, for me there has been much which has contributed to my move toward becoming a thriver. . . . But, first, let me say at four months out I was far from becoming a thriver. It was all I could do to be a survivor and reach out to family and friends who helped a bit to moderate the blackness. I tried to run from my loss and my feelings and at seven months, the date of our wedding anniversary (July 24) I started to hit rock bottom. I remember sitting in my house contemplating how to kill myself. Instead, I picked up the phone and called a friend who responded. I called a bereavement counselor at our local hospice; she took me into an understanding and safe place and I started letting months of pain out of my hiding place with words and tears. That led to WV and a widows group and lots of reading about grief, mourning, and loss. I read again and again how one has to go through the pain, not around it and I accepted that I had to let it consume me and keep moving forward, eating, trying to sleep, doing everyday things. Then a post here led me to the book, Getting Naked Again. That led me to thinking about my future as well as my past. I am 71; I believe I have a lot of years left and I want to enjoy them as much as possible. . . . I've spent time with kids and grand kids, discovering that I enjoy them, but will never want to make them the dominant fact in my life. I've traveled to learn, to enjoy, and to visit relatives. I've started bringing back into my life things I enjoyed in my thirties before I married but had set aside for our relationship. And, throughout, I keep coming back to my widows group, WV, and the home I've lived in for almost 30 years--where I have happy memories and can rest awhile. When I am overwhelmed with grief I let it overtake me awhile and then I write in my journal.
I think I'll move some day, but I'm lucky that I can take my time in selecting a location where I think I can more easily support my thriver.
And this has been the most difficult year and a half I've ever had, Lady v. Be kind to yourself and honor yourself for every step you take!
At 5:48am on May 18, 2014, hog659(Neal) said…

Hello Lady v.

sorry For your loss.. The Phrase "different family similar story", Its true.  reading your post. I thought I was looking in a mirror and seeing my story from anothers eyes. My wife passed 3 weeks ago. happened right next to me in Bed. I re-live it  constantly. little to no sleep. I look in her Closet and draws, and say to myself. what am I going to do with all her stuff.. part of me  says Let it go. I could open a Clothing and shoe store. the other part of me says keep it all the way it is Forever. Everyone says give it time when your ready you will know what to do. Im here only a few days. Dianne is right you will find the support, and Friendship here with others  who have been through this. And REALLY  do Understand what your going through. In one week she got sick, had a birthday, passed away, then our second wedding anniversary  in that order. I was in the chat room last night, and made more new Understanding Friends  then Ive made in  a long time. I have to wait till the local group gets together at the End of the Month. Ive thought about jumping in front of a truck, as minor as it seems , I now have something to look forward to this Month. making new Friends, and having support. Hang in there. Be Blessed 

At 9:20pm on April 26, 2014, Dianne in Nevada said…

Welcome to Widville, Lady v. I'm so very sorry for your loss, but pleased that you found us. You'll find caring support and friendship here.

Here's the best place to start: Need help using the site? Ask here!  You can join the Groups that fit you to connect to others with similar experiences. Share your story. Take a look at our Forum discussions where you'll find meaningful conversations taking place.  I look forward to getting to know you here in Widville.


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