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Welcome, Therese!

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Therese replied to Soaring Spirits's discussion Need help using the site? Ask here!
"Hi I need help. I deleted an old email account that I used to set up my account on here with, and now I can’t remember my password. In order to reset my password I have to enter in my old deleted email address for widowville to send me a reset…"
Oct 16
Therese replied to Mary H's discussion Dating Again for those Born in the 60s in the group Born in the 60s
"I haven't had good luck finding anyone. Tried online dating and it was one scam artist after another to the point where I am lonely and my heart once again feels like it is literally breaking. I sometimes wonder what's wrong with me, or…"
Oct 13
sus replied to Therese's discussion Moved this weekend in the group Born in the 60s
"I see this is from a few months back - how are things now?"
Mar 20
sus replied to Therese's discussion Moved this weekend in the group Born in the 60s
"OMG how awful! Blended families certainly do make everything far more complicated :("
Mar 20
lonelyinaz replied to Therese's discussion Moved this weekend in the group Born in the 60s
"Sunshine, what you are referring to sounds a lot like what happens to widows/widowers in a Reverse Mortgage contract.  Most of the lenders (third party - not recommended by the FHA) require that the loan be signed by the oldest spouse, so when…"
Feb 3
Therese commented on Soaring Spirits's group Born in the 60s
"Thanks for commenting Mary. Sorry they screwed up. I hope your family was a happy one so that there isn't any drama in getting everyone to sign paper work. That always gets me when people don't care about the widow being able to survive or…"
Feb 2
Mary H replied to Therese's discussion Moved this weekend in the group Born in the 60s
Feb 2
sunshine replied to Therese's discussion Moved this weekend in the group Born in the 60s
"This is 6 months later Mary, but just wanted to chime in... I had read a case online recently during my probate searching, although I believe case was in MICHIGAN where I live..  that a mistake happened in not…"
Feb 1
barsoom (Alex) commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
"I am so sorry. I lost my best friend and my wife 4 months ago. I cannot imagine being single for 10 years. I all I can say, in some respects, you were fortunate. I met a couple of ladies at the local SS Meetups who were swindled financialy by the…"
Nov 6, 2016
Therese commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
"Hi guys, thanks for all the information and advice. I can't pursue any action on this because I deleted everything including the app I was so upset and scared and angry, so no name or phone number to check out. The last time I contacted the…"
Oct 24, 2016
Blue Snow commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
"Sorry this has happened to you! Have you tried contacting your local FBI office with numbers you find online or your local police department and not through the "agent" who contacted you? That's where I'd start just to verify if…"
Oct 24, 2016
Gary'swife commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
"Diane- you are so correct about the private e-mail use.  I think people can message through this site, so why go private?   One can never be too safe, even with people you meet in person.     I had a bit of a…"
Oct 22, 2016
barbee commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
"I did do some online dating and found a wonderful, caring man and we are in a committed relationship now. Some of it was scary, but I was extremely cautious. I am suspicious that an FBI agent initiated a contact with you and that phrase…"
Oct 22, 2016
Patience (Diane) commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
"The fact that scammers can trace you through your IP address (which they can obtain from your email) should mandate that no one of us should ever go "off site" and email any person directly!"
Oct 22, 2016
Gary'swife commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
"Sorry that link isn't working, but just google   "fbi romeo and juliet" and you can find info."
Oct 22, 2016
Gary'swife commented on Therese's blog post Scam artists
Oct 22, 2016

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Scam artists

Posted on October 22, 2016 at 2:51pm 11 Comments

March 2, 2007 I lost my husband and so it has almost been 10 years since his passing.

I am now an empty nester living on my own and it sucks! No one to talk to no one to love no one to encourage. I am miserable! I am working tons and I am so exhausted I came to realize I was happier back when and made up mind to find someone new. I joined a new internet sight called meet Where I met multiple men all interested in me. Well long story short I met a man I thought was real and… Continue

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At 5:34pm on June 28, 2016, Therese said…
I never in a million years pictured myself as a widow with three kids all grown doing their own thing and me being a single person waiting for her kids to invite her to have fun with them. My sister is talking about keeping her house in Virginia as a summer home. She talks about her work and things going on with her family. I envy her. My oldest sister gets mad at me and last minute organized a get together with my sisters up north and basically rubs it in my face talking on Facebook about how much fun they had. I am envious of her because I can't seem to forgive my sisters up there and hold a civil conversation with them without them pointing out some flaw of mine that apparently prevents them from being nice to me. I would like to have a nice relationship with them but I never know when my one sister is being nice because she genuinely means to be nice and when it's forced to keep the peace. Well I say that but I think I do know and the name of the game then becomes figure out what just set her off and try to avoid it and by all means don't call a spade a spade and talk about it because that would be a healthy adult way to deal with it. The other one just doesn't want to hear anything unless it is I am sorry you are right life fucking sucks and I am the only one to blame for it fucking sucking because all my decisions have been a total fucking disaster. No one else is to blame because no one else is ever selfish or makes bad choices or gives erroneous incomplete or bad information or advice. Yet she isn't the one who moved away from home, got married, is now widowed, and having to live alone because of her choices and I'd faced daily with the truth that life fucking sucks and is not fair and intact blames no one but herself for her circumstances. Why wouldn't I want to go to a reunion where my sisters angrily remind me of these things because they are pissed off that I moved away and they didn't. You know I avoid these encounters mostly on purpose because who wants to have that shit forced down your throat when you have been living it 24 / 7 as if I owe them an apology. But I gather from past conversations that is exactly what they feel I owe them and it makes no sense to me. It has never made any sense to me why people feel like you owe it to them to follow their advice and when you don't they act all hurt and self righteous when things don't turn out for you how you hoped because you refused their seemingly "wise" advice. So I guess I am waiting and looking for an opportunity where/when nothing they say or could say would remotely ruffle my feathers or get under my skin. At which point they are left wondering why they wasted so much time being assholes that spoke so unkindly about me behind my back and to my face. I want them to feel the burn of not having been nicer to me.
At 4:40pm on June 28, 2016, Therese said…
Today is June 28th. I am not feeling well. I have been fighting off depression with my coming move. My first time completely alone in my entire life, and yet I can't seem to cry right now. I guess because it doesn't seem real yet. I hope I will be able to ball like a baby my first night in my new place. That survival instinct almost boardering Pride seems to be fueling an internal stubbornness to show the world it hasn't succeeded pummeling me into dust. How can one feel sorry for themselves and cry while demonstrating such strength. I don't know, but I am hoping this shit gets easier and I make some good choices along the way that will change things for the better.
At 10:24pm on April 19, 2011, Dianne in Nevada said…
Welcome to Widowed Village, Therese. Jump into the forum discussions, join the groups that fit you, try out the chat room - just immerse yourself in this very special place. I look forward to getting acquainted with you.

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