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  • This is a true event,  this is not a poem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there's no joke 
    It's one of reasons I fight my faith constantly,when I say I lost it, I think of this and it gives me hope,
    I've only shared this story with a few people because it makes me cry to tell it. Just as I cried writing this,
    I always just put" in memory of Lee" after most of my poems and never,   "Lee and Angel" the reason was I wasn't ready to explain who Angel was it makes me cry every time, but I'm getting better, I've been able to tell a few people about this and got by swallowing that lump in my throat several times,while the tears leaked from my eyes
            "The Story of Angel"
    My wife Lee always wanted a daughter,so we talked about it one day, She was 41 (2005)at the time,but barely looked 30,we spoke to her doctor and she said my wife was perfectly healthy to have a child in the next year,so she stopped her contraceptives and we waited,
    Well we get a call from her doctor early (2006) not to be told she's pregnant, but to come in and talk,
    Well the news was the worst, she had breast cancer,at that point she first had a lumpectomy,which wasn't successful,so they did a mastectomy,
    Everything went well until early 2010 and we were told it's back.         (breast cancer)
    She fought it with everything she had and finally lost that battle on 10/29/2010 @11:57pm
     With the help of hospice I  had already made arrangements for her to be picked up to be cremated. 
    So the morning after Lee died  
    (Even though family and friends tried to talk me out of it)  I  went to the facility to be close to her, I couldn't help it,
    Thinking of her there alone,I wanted to    be with her,to see her, 
    By law in Florida,they have to wait 48 hours after death before they cremate someone 
    When I got there the director of the facility was surprised to see me, but understood, then what he told me next made my cry,but they were tears of joy and happiness
    He said after they got the call to pick up my wife, they got a call from the police department, a body had washed ashore,
    He said that his driver  was out on other calls and scheduled the pick up to coincide with Lee's, and that when they arrived there was only one space left to store the bodies other than the floor,he said I hope you don't mind but the other body was that of a infant,baby instead of putting her on the floor I placed her in your wife's arms for safe keeping, well I started crying, I asked about the baby's mother/family, and he told me they(the police) suspected  it had been born at sea  by someone trying to migrate to the united states because the baby was black probably Haitian ,but it still had the umbilical cord attached,and that more than likely the body will never be claimed,
    So I claimed the body, And named her Angel,but had to wait 90 days to take possession of the remains, which I did. I brought Lee's urn back and had Angel placed in the urn with Lee
    She got her baby girl,
    In memory of "Lee" and "Angel"
    Rest in peace my darlings 

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