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Yeah, I'm catching up. Things that have been in my head that I've never quite written down. Phrases caught in memory.

I'm mostly settled. In less than a month is my housewarming party. A bit late in the year, but with the misters up, it should be okay. We're doing it black tie. Because we girls love a chance to get dressed up and wear pretty dresses and get our hair and makeup done. And guys look freakin' hot all dressed up in coats and ties. And it makes me happy to picture a house with everyone all pretty and elegant.

We had an ice wine tasting at home this past week. Six different types of grapes, and so - for science - we tested them all. It was perfect. It wasn't big, but we had wine and cheese and fruit, and we chatted and had fun. It was everything I wanted and hoped for.

My TV is hung and the surround sound configured, with thanks to one of the kids. I installed my Nest all on my own - which I'm quite proud of, and I really, really like. I have a new doorbell. The old one wasn't working, so I got a new wireless one that I could customize. It currently plays "I Am The Doctor," though I occasionally switch it to one of several different Disney tones I have on it.

The vinyl cutter has been put to extensive use. The entire hall closet doors are covered in literary quotes. And they might have overflowed a bit to the office door. The guest bathroom is entirely Doctor Who, complete with TARDIS door. The guest room is Haunted Mansion, and there's more Disney everywhere. My art room is well organized and puts everything I want at my fingertips.

Roses are blooming, irises are blooming. Overseeded the back yard with clover, which is sprouting. Given sufficient time and water, it'll choke out the bermuda. Added some wildflower seeds to a couple areas, and those are starting to come up. My little lime tree is doing well. It had a couple limes on it, which I removed. It's not allowed to have fruit the first year, so it focuses on developing good roots. But the orange tree was in blossom not long ago, and I loved sitting on the porch with tea and a book, smelling the orange blossoms. I have carpet sprinkle and perfume made from my own roses, which is amazing. There's a bouquet of them on my dining room table now.

New modifications and tweaks and little things here and there, but it's a home, and it's mine, and I love it.

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Comment by Steve on May 20, 2017 at 8:40am
I love the "Haunted Mansion" theme! It sounds great! Chuckled at your "dork" comment. I also tried my hand at some veggies, last year in a plastic "apartment, patio garden" . I actually got some tomatoes and green beans, but it over grew so fast and became a nightmare mess, growing all over the place, so i later cleaned it all out and threw it away. Lol. My patio was just too small for it. The water feature area sounds lovely.
Comment by Medea on May 20, 2017 at 8:13am

I love roses. Always have. The front is a hedge of them. Well, it will be a hedge. I bought them bare root, so they're still filling in. I have more roses out back. About a dozen of them total, I think. I'm going to play with creating my own hybrids. Because I'm a dork.

I added some vegetables and herbs in containers on the side of the house, and so far they seem to be doing well. It's nice to have time to putter around in a garden, and it makes me feel accomplished to see it. I never thought I could grow anything, but I'm enjoying it.

I don't have a water feature yet, but I have one planned. There's an area between two trees that's shaded most of the time. I found a list of the plants they use for the Haunted Mansion, and I was going to surround a little fountain with those, then add some of the faux lightning bugs. It should look lovely at night.

Comment by Steve on May 20, 2017 at 7:47am
Thanks for posting Medea. I could picture myself going through same process in my own way, I love my apartment in the same way. I have only in the past 2yrs, discovered a tiny green thumb. I have always loved roses, and lavender, jasmine, orange blossoms, so on. I have 2 rose bushes in large urns on my patio, that i bought from a nursery as just a stick! Lol. I thought to myself, could these really ever turn into rose bushes? But i bought the soil and all the vitamins, red online how to put it together, and i now have two beautiful, rose bushes that fill my patio with fragrance, and 35 buds each time. I have a small water feature, and lots of flower bowls with bright color. About 25 years ago, my life partner was suffering from a deep depression. The doctor suggested that i fill the house with lots of fresh, cut flowers. I have kept that tradition up ever since. Every week, i purchase roses, colorful flowers, and arrange them in the many different vases i have collected over the years, and place them throughout my home. Kitchen, dining room, patio table, on top of dresser in bedrooms, bathrooms. It gives me shots of beauty throughout my day. Take care

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