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There is nobody in the world I want more than you!

There is nobody in the world I want, but you!

I would give anything, if I could have you back!

But, I will never be able to hold you again!

I will never be able to kiss you again!

I will never be able to have you again!

At least not in this life, not in this world.

It is so hard to say goodbye, I don't want to!!!

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Comment by missmyhunny on May 10, 2013 at 1:22am

Hi Jake, That sure is the most difficult aspect of our loss, all those things you mention, and the parts of our love that are so hard to comprehend, the "never will i be able to".... We yearn so much inside to hold them again, to just tell them all the things we never got the chance to tell them in this life, so we have to tell them anyway and hope they can hear us somehow.

I never say "goodbye" to any of my loved ones that have died, because i don't really need to. For me there is no goodbye, just "i will see you again", and that's what i want to feel, and if i don't it won't matter once i have died because i won't have any awareness of any of it, so it won't really matter.

I also don't think you need to say Goodbye to your love if you don't want to, there's really no need to, just feel the connectedness to her in the love you shared and continue to share, because the love never dies.

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