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It is 4 months today some days it feels like yesterday.  Like everyone else I have good days and bad ones.  This morning I woke up and for a moment I thought he was in bed with me it was a nice feeling wish it was real.  I made breakfast it's the first time in months, Mike enjoyed Sunday morning breakfast, I put a small ham in the crock pot for later the kids will all be over today they want to celebrate my birthday which was a few days ago.   We had Mike's family reunion yesterday we all had a good time, his brothers and sisters are as close as I have ever seen them, kinda sad though, the closeness is due to Mikes death.  When time came for the pictures the one with all kids and familys behind a old family business sign was great. When it was time for his brothers and sisters is stand around the sign the tears started, he should of been their, he worked with his day growing up and ran the business for a little while after his dad passed. Next month will be the hardest yet with our youngest having her graduation party the off to college  I will be home alone with 2 dogs and with my job ending if they hire me on that would be great I really like my job but if they do not i'll find another one. Thanks for listening


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Comment by camsmom on July 24, 2016 at 6:36am

It will be 5 months tomorrow that my husband passed away suddenly. Sunday morning breakfasts were part of our routine too. He'd say, "If you make the batter (for the pancakes or waffles) I'll do the rest so you can relax. I usually said that I would take care of it and that he should relax. This morning I made a small batch of pancakes with fresh strawberries on top. I love to cook and bake and luckily I find it helps me battle my  sadness.

Our only child soon to be 26 lives out-of-state so I have to send him pictures of the goodies he is missing. He has a close friend here who's in graduate school with his fiance and I try to have them over for dinners when they're available. 

It's nice that you have a daughter at home for a couple of more months and that you have  two dogs that you shared with your husband. 

Thanks for posting. Hugs and good thoughts to you on this day.

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