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My Love spoke to me in September - that our love will be greater than ever when reunited

My roses 1st December 2013  Just typing this new month is painful... the time is going so fast. I am sharing part of a talk which I had with my beloved in September .…Its all about love.

 I have sat down and spoken with him every month , as I have seen this year rush away. I have had a vision of him, his sister has had two visions.  There have been many other signs of his presence over these last 10 months.  But even with all this I have been so broken hearted. Seeing us all go through the shocking pain I decided I would share this with all of you.  I hope you can find something of meaning or value in it. 

 29th September 2013 

My roses: : How can I stop the tears from falling as I speak of this. I lost you at your best, your most vulnerable time.  Only we know what we experienced during these years of love and delight in each other’s company.

Wes:  Sweetheart,  light of my life,  I  serve the Lord now but you still shine in my soul as well.  I have told the Lord many times how much you mean to me and  he understands.  He has a plan for us.  I know it. 

My roses: will it be a plan for us to be together  -  as I feel (like so many of the widows) that  being alone from the love of your life is one of the biggest sufferings that can be bestowed on anyone.  But when you are with the love of your life you feel at peace, joyous and able to function in a special way.  Being  one with your beloved is a unique state of being.  Have you any answers my love?

Wes:  The plan he has for us is to be happy,  not to separate us again,  not to cause more brokenness or sorrow.  If you have loved it remains for ever,  if you desire to be with your loved ones you can.  The Love of your life relationship, I gather is a more unique one,  not so many people in the world have reached that,  but those who have are able to remember what  is was on earth and  bind it here in heaven. 

My roses: what do you mean by bind it here in heaven?

Wes:   All I know, so far,  is that the joys we had will be with us always and enhanced in heaven.  If I loved you before  I love you now.  If  I loved greatly it will be even greater here.  If we were one then  we will be one now but in an even greater way –more will be attached or felt than ever before.  What I did for you or you did for me will be fuller than on earth.  One look into your eyes on earth was heavenly, and one look into your eyes when I meet you again here will be stellar, galaxial,  all encompassing, never broken.  Because we are greater beings, and therefore we can behold and  unfold within us the greater things of heaven. 

Added to that is the fusion of us with the Lord… but what I was describing above is just what we are  capable of experiencing  together.  I could not describe that of the Lord and his bride but we know it will be greater than our love for each other.But know this… we will have our love together and then we will feel all that is added by the Lord and his bride.

My roses: Beloved, that was a special and  lovely description you gave.  I  was and am in need of hearing it. I  was told by  another  widow  that  Billy Graham had said that the best of men here on earth were going to the Lord to become  a warrior in God’s army.   I found that interesting, as I had thought that too about  3- 4 months ago.  I had noticed so many  beautiful men being taken to heaven  and wondering why.  Feeling that perhaps  God wanted them to be in his army in the final days.  It confirmed my thought.

Wes:  When I think about the things that would be added to the mansion which would be special gifts for you,  it sends a sort of  shiver of  expectation and joy through my spirit.  The Lord visits me almost every day. I also have begun to write poetry… based in part on my life with you… though there are other aspects as well.  I love the feeling of peace I now have which gives me time to reflect.

My roses: Is there anything else you wish to tell me or which you  have learnt since I last spoke with you? 

Wes:  Heaven is much larger than I had expected or imagined.  Although I  had not thought of it a lot in the past.  I  was surprised by the drifting of time, one does not notice the days pass… but I try to keep some idea of  time,  when I think of you. I like  to know how long it is since I spoke to you  and  remember important days like our Anniversary.   This is when I can relate in some way with  your time and space.

There  are many gatherings and there is another gathering  which  I  am about to attend now.  I want you to know that I am so joyous about us speaking together today.  I  love this and value it and know how much it also means to you.  Do not leave our next talk so long.  I pray for you every day.  I tell you that I love you and whisper to you  in your sleep. 

My roses: I have not heard you whisper to me… but I am glad you do.  Is it possible for me to remember your whisper sometimes?  It would be beautiful.

Wes:  I will  see if  I can do this… as I do not want you to lose sleep because you  get woken up.   I  send  you  my love and  enjoy looking after you so much.   It does give me  happiness  every time, knowing I  am  able to be with you.  The Lord has given us a great gift.   I love you my precious woman  and  wait for us to speak again.

My roses: I love you so much and  I want to tell you that  having you in my life restored all the losses that went before and  was the best time of my life.

Wes:  Ah  that is new to me.  I never knew this before.  I  know being together was our best time but not that it had restored  previous pain and loss.  How  wonderful.I can see now why  our separation is again so painful.  Sweetheart I wish there was something more I could do.  Seeing you suffer is  difficult,  I think we should talk more often….so I can comfort you more. 

My roses ;That would be good  but I also find the songs, co-incidences etc very comforting – and the feeling of your presence.   I still long to see your face.   I saw our Dr. recently  and  he  also  said I should write a book.  He also said to me earlier in the year that  this sort of loss (widowhood) is terrible.  Goodnight my beloved.  I wish I could cradle you in my arms.

Wes:   Here is a new goodbye.  Au revoir  mon amour.   French for my love!!




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Comment by Maria Louisa on January 28, 2014 at 8:13pm

So beautiful - you are blessed

Comment by Patience on December 6, 2013 at 5:28am

love this... I have had visits and messages from my husband as well..  it's very comforting..

Comment by missmyhunny on December 6, 2013 at 5:06am

Thankyou for sharing your story. I also believe Love survives beyond the grave in what we all get individually as signs from our loved ones. I had the most beautiful vision of my beloved son on the night on the day he died. It was not a dream, i actually saw his spirit when i closed my eyes as i lay on the bed, he was so beautiful, just as he was in life. He came to let me know he was ok. with his beautiful smile. It is hard to describe the vision because it was not of this world. Just as i think it is for people who have had an NDE, they also try to convey what it was like as to where they were at clinical death, but our language is not adequate enough to describe their experience fully.

I have read we are pure consciousness having a physical experience, and that resonates with how i feel. I think all life is energy and energy can't be destroyed.

I am not religious, but that doesn't mean i don't feel there is something beyond this physical life, and if there isn't then when i have made that transition and if there isn't it won't matter anymore. But in the meantime i will live as if i will be reunited with my loved ones that have made the transition, and that love still connects us all while i am here waiting for when it is my turn.

Comment by laurajay on December 3, 2013 at 7:33am

Whatever we choose to believe is a private decision as part of God's will.  I would be very careful to remember that God's word stands fast as the final and authoritative word in my life as a believing Christian and for me that means no marriage in heaven as we know it here on earth! Very difficult to imagine  eternity will encompass new thinking and transformation to a perfect state with Christ-mindedness that has no need and no desire- no sin ! our egos here cannot grasp such existence  having sin removed.  Other faiths believe otherwise  and that too is their choice.   When we pray to our Father when our loved one is gone I find I need to remember He has told us we see through a glass darkly   and only when we are returned to him will all the answers be revealed.   I pray to God for wisdom and endurance .  I speak to people to discuss possibilities  knowing  the truth will be  revealed in time ... It is a comfort to imagine what those we love who have died would say to us but in a Christ-perfected state  they have transcended the human condition and our interpretation would be earthly and not divine.   It is something to think on as this painful journey continues.  I am thrilled for the visions I have had through the first 20 months.  I never asked for them but they thrilled me to see my husband when he appeared to me.  A bonus. There is a taste of heaven in every memory but I tell my heart it is no more than a glimpse of heavenly things to come.  Now if I can strengthen into obedience  maybe  just maybe  God's grace will fill  me.    Enjoyed your interpretation my roses.  You have a lot of words  and perhaps your doctor is giving you the best  RX by telling you to write a book?     it might help lessen the pain, shorten the journey  by getting your thoughts out onto paper.  I know I have journalled for  many, many years  daily  and it had helped to clear my thinking in many areas and made room for deeper thoughts.   Good Luck  and Godspeed.   lj

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