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TV is not something I watch any more. Cut the cable and after watching 2 episodes of Go On online it just re-enforces my decision.


A sitcom about losing a spouse and the grief associated with it. Are you kidding me?  Don’t widows and widowers have enough to deal with already and now there is a show which can give the stupid people more stupid things to say to us……please!


Watching the pilot of the show did give me a few moments of the pain associated with loss. Unfortunately it is the pain only someone who is living it can understand. The widow sitting at her kitchen table drinking a hot drink as she looks at the picture of her loved ones, tears start flowing as I know this pain all too well.


Matthew Perry’s character loses it when he sees the man he just interviewed driving his vehicle texting. It is then we find out it is how his wife died. Something so senseless and so gut wrenching to the one who suffered the loss. Tears flow as it is something all too familiar. Someone who has suffered loss understands the pain.


Humor, comedy? Guess it was lost on me as the tears seemed to cloud my perception of what was funny.


A grief group of comedians? A contest to see whose grief is actually worse! WTF! Sit with a parent who has lost their child and tell me you would want to say “Hey, let’s have a competition to see whose loss is worse!” The loss of a child or spouse or multiple losses… in the hell can someone even think there is a sitcom in that!


Then there is the grief counselor who wants to help people through their grief even though she has never experienced the loss of a loved one.  A noble cause but unless you have walked this path, you don’t understand.


Now I do have to say her background in Weight Watchers may come in handy after the I can’t eat, food tastes lousy diet and weight just plummets. This is a phase comments can be made how good we look, gee you’ll find someone else or what are you doing trying to kill yourself? Then the phase begins where we start to eat and in our grief the comfort of food may be the only comfort a widow/er comes home to.


Upon awakening the widow/er realizes the weight gain and the frustration of it wanting to be the new, unwelcome companion. Yes, a counselor from Weight Watchers may be helpful then but not while I am crying my eyes out and feeling the most gut wrenching pain to the very core of my soul.


Sit in a grief group and find the comedy when we are sharing our stories. No comedy there. As time progresses we do start having some hope and yes we can even laugh. But find this journey comical? Please! Walk it and then tell me how comical you find it.


No nothing comical about grief and loss.


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Comment by Soaring Spirits on October 4, 2012 at 5:39pm

Marsha, thanks for sharing your points on the show and for writing this post along with others.

I just posted the "master post" so you can see the links to what the others have written so far. You'll see a bunch of folks found the humor pretty .. hard to find? ... too.



Comment by jean on October 2, 2012 at 3:39pm

I haven't seen this show...knew nothing of it till this blog. Now I'm curious...not sure I'll find humor in this show but might check it out if I find it.

I am almost 2 years out now...have found my smile and warped sense of humor is back...I'll update my thoughts when I see the show. Not sure I want to see it..but will if I run accross it.

Comment by Mariposa on October 2, 2012 at 2:48pm

I have not watched "GO ON" and I doubt that I will because I rarely watch television. However, it is an unusual take for a comedy, perhaps it is "dark humor."  A Weight Watchers counselor facilitating a grief group- I do find that funny- it is ironic/sarcastic. I guess I am warped, so I beg pardon if I offend anyone. However, if someone's emotions are too raw, it is something to be avoided. There is a movie someone told me about that I know I will not be able to watch for years because I am too emotionally fragile since it has been 10 months since losing my husband.

I would imagine only those who have healed and have some psychological distance from their loss would be able to find humor in the situation. In my bereavement group, the common bond of suffering has allowed us at times to laugh at certain things we all experienced. EX: One person said, "Come on, admit it! The first year I let my kids play too much time on video games." Many of us did chuckle. More humor is the video "SHIT PEOPLE SAY TO WIDOWS" right here at Widowed Village.  The video is an inside joke, a healing thing, helping us laugh at our situation when well-intentioned but misguided people who may love us but just say the most insensitive, horrible things because THEY THINK they know best.  Only those who have experienced understands it.

Yes, we must GO ON our own journey, but I will pass watching the show. I don't need to watch that when I am living the reality of it.  Peace, healing, comfort and blessings to you and everyone. ((HUGS)))

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