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I almost never dream of things going on in my life, like 1 in 50.  Last night she was so real.  I couldn't enjoy her as I was depressed and I didn't know why.  She was trying to get me to go to some thing in L.A. and I couldn't get over how upset I was.  I couldn't wake myself up. I felt like it has to be a dream. I remembered she died and all that came with it but here she was.  Her death must have been the bad dream.  We've all had dreams that were so very real.  My 'very real' dreams I remember so much of that I am never sure what is real until many hours after I have been awake. As in a truly struggle as to what is my reality.  She was so real and was there.  I was just starting to believe that her death was the dream when I came to. It was nice to see her. How am I supposed to do anything today?

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Comment by my roses on February 2, 2014 at 10:15pm

My roses  Dear Spazzola

Even though you were feeling really low  - the dream was very real.  If possible take it for real.  So many of us have had an experience when our loved one has appeared to us, spoken, a vision etc.  I know a nurse who lost her 8 yr old daughter -died in hospital - and she awoke to see her daughter standing in the doorway with a radiant light around her, which told her mother that she was alive and ok.  You do not  have to do anything today (in a sense) obviously you may have to go to work. Enjoying her presence is wonderful.  Also she might be telling you to go to A widowed Village camp??   I understand when you commented re Facebook etc.  I am the same.  I have had a dream about my husband it was very real.  It gave me great comfort.  He was there and I felt when he held me in his arms that  - this was where I belonged.   If we can feel comfortable with 'dreams, visits, etc" it allows them to not only watch over you but bring you realisations that they are not totally gone.  If we can accept that  then sometimes we can gain insights/speak with them directly (no mediums).   Wes sister has seen 2 visions of him, I have seen one.  But I have heard his voice telling me of his concern for me after a  verbal assault  from a friend.  It seems that they have to find out how to be with us in various ways, to help and comfort us.   I dream in colour and they are very real and usually very meaningful.  I also made very sure when I had my dream of Wes and  also when I heard his voice - THAT I WAS DEFINITELY AWAKE AFTERWARDS.    Bless you

Comment by Joyce on January 30, 2014 at 5:35am

On days like that, don't do anything if you can.   Sometimes it's okay just to pull the covers up over our heads.  Glad you got to see her.  Hugs.  Baby steps.  Hugs!

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