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'I just reread at my blog post from July of 2012. and you know what? I feel exactly the same way now. '.

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Comment by Cee on February 24, 2014 at 11:44am

Guess I got my answer.  And for the most part I am on my own.

"All is well"  I heard a sermon on this phrase this week-end so will try to make it my new philosphy.

Comment by Cee on February 11, 2014 at 5:32am

Not sure how blogs work - if they are for 2 way conversations or more of a place to write down your own feelings of the day. I do appreciate laura and becca for their replies -it helped to make me feel a little connected to others which I do not seem to have much of on this site,. There are many wonderful careing people here but guess I am just not able to make a connection with them. I wonder if they understand how it feels to be the one standing on the sidelines watching them talk about other groups and meet-ups and not being invited to join in. I don't know where birthdays are listed on this site and do do see birthday greetings going around so it was a little sad that yesterday I did not get one wish -even an autogenerated one. Well the sun if out again so I will try to start the day on a positive note. And try to clear the end of my drive way so I can get out and pick a few things before the next 12" of snow hits.  WARM HUGS for the day.

Comment by becca on February 1, 2014 at 6:18pm

I have to say I identify with both of you, and I am only 4 months into this strange existence. Some days are a real effort just to say "hello" to people, much less taking care of necessities. I find myself alone most of the time, left daydreaming and wishing that things were different. We all need to stay hopeful, even though some days hope is very hard to find. ((hugs)) becca

Comment by Cee on February 1, 2014 at 1:02pm

Laura, Thank you for your comment. I know that there are others that feel the same as I do, but I still feel alone. I am glad that you are able to stay hopeful. I feel less every day.  I had hoped I would make some friends on here but not doing too well with that either. So laura thanks for your response.

Comment by laurajay on January 27, 2014 at 7:38pm

dear cee    your message is easy to  relate to...on the 30th it will be 22 mo, for me.  I feel more alone without my husband than ever.  All sorts of inconvenient things happen now and being alone and older I am realizing I need help with things.  I could not get the circuit breaker to work when I blew a fuse...I stepped on something and my heel which I cannot reach was pierced and bled...had to call someone  to come help...laundry up and down the stairs is getting harder and harder    having to deal with service men for repairs is tedious and costly...everything  alone is just plain hard to do.  Most of all   I miss him with a specific longing now because  my life is so in effective without him.  I did much better the first year.   I am praying for guidance to cope better with day to day living...  I don't need talk,  or pills  or vices   lol  I need practical things done ...and my best friend to listen and love me.  I sure thought by now I would be much better   but I forgot  I am aging   and like it or not  limitations do come with age....I intend to stay hopeful  and I hope you do too.  crappy  winter does not help  either.   Guess it's gonna take all the time it needs for grief to be satisfied  it's had its  say in our lives .   Godspeed  cee      love to you   laurajay

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