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Ricardo i love u mi amor my heart breaks everyday alil more without u. A lil longer from the last time i saw your beautiful smile your deep dark eyes and your flawless olive skin. How i wish oh how i wish for one more kiss one more touch one more moment of anything with u. I feel lost and lonely like a child that has lost there way home . you ment so much to us .i have been trying my best but i fear so many things for my future without u. This is likec a nightmare that i will never wake up from because it is our reality. I miss u. I miss u. I will always miss u. My heart will never be the same because a part of me is gone. U were apart of me as i with u. Thats why as long as the kids and i are living apart of u is u baby. I hope your resting it up in paradise handsome. I hope choco and sammy are there by ur side too.

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Comment by CryinCali on December 24, 2019 at 11:15am

Kevin thank you for sharing your words are definitely something sweet and its sounds like you two were very sweet on each other that is forsure something when you find that person you just adore so much you want to tell them all the time and you should we all should cause you never want to wish that you said those things to someone you felt that ways about. My husband and I always even multiple times a day told eachother how lucky we were to have one another. I never have those kind of wish regrets mine are always wishing for the future to raise our children together and grow old together . sad thing;  it never truely dawned on me that we wouldnt get to.  Awww it eats away at me everyday further from the last time when my kids and i were helpless to save him in front of our eyes from drowning . the images up to and after that moment play like a nickalodeon in my brain. The wishes i wished before now i only have one

Comment by Kevin on December 23, 2019 at 2:25am

i feel your pain so much its going to be my 10th Christmas without Lee i still cry almost everyday,i write things to her and about us and when i saw sweet nothings in your title i thought of this i wrote years ago   

Sweet Somethings.          8/16/12
I never whispered sweet nothings in her ear
Everything I'd whisper was always something dear
I love you said softly while nibbling on her lobe
No matter what her mood,would get her to disrobe
I'd whisper my poetry and she turned to putty in my hands
I'd melt her heart,like ice on the burning sands
Forever and always will you please be mine
Gently blowing in her ear made jelly of her spine
Nibbling and whispering sometimes a playful bite
You're my life's inspiration,my beacon of light
As I whispered my endearments,like a cat,I'd make her purr
Because my sweet nothings always meant something to her
In memory of Janet "Lee" 7/18/64-10/29/2010

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