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First, let me preface this by saying... I don't own proper winter gear.
Second... I work in an office, drive to work, walk 20 ft into the office and then back to the car.
Third.... I was wearing a very cute pair of short boots, heeled of course, a pair of black dress pants, a lovely blouse and a sweater.  Topped it off with a scarf, and there ya go.   I was freaking cute.

Ok... so today was my first day at work.   In over a year.  I was feeling pretty darned good about my day.  I had the boys ready mostly on time.   I was ready.  Forgot to eat breakfast but meh, there's a coffee shop nearby and I ended up buying a breakfast sandwich.

Got myself set up on the computer again.  Get back into the groove of things.   Finally figure out which course it is that I need to finish to get my life license back.

Take the quiz.  Pass it.  Celebrate.   Have a mental breakdown.   I should be celebrating this with my husband.   He's not there... crying starts... and I excuse myself from the office.

I have heard walking is good for grief.   I'll go for a walk, clear my head, get mentally centred, I have 1/2 hour to do that.   The problem is... I went for a walk while crying.  IN the snow.   Without any winter gear.

And I got lost.

I ended up walking for about 40 minutes... I was walking at a pretty good clip until I realized I didn't know where I was.

Did I mention it was snowing?

I turned around... and couldn't see any foot prints.   They had disappeared it was snowing so hard.

I figured, no big deal, I'll just keep walking.  I see people with grocery bags - I should be able to figure this out.  I should be able to get somewhere familiar.

I do.  I get to the road, and realize I've walked REALLY far.   My 1/2 hour lunch is up 10 minutes ago, and I'm... well... soaked.   It's snowing.  REALLY hard.  And I'm wearing a knit sweater (Sarah - the brown one I bought from you) without my scarf.

I texted one of my co-workers... said "Hey I'm lost.  Will be back when I can"

Then I realized exactly where I was and how long it would take me, so I called the office and asked for a ride back.

Bossman came and picked me up.   When giving him directions to where I was, I said "Down Lorimer Road, near Main, the only dumbass walking in the snow without winter gear on"

It was a really good walk.  By the time I got a ride, my head had cleared... until he asked me what was going on... at which point I started crying again.   I got him to give me a ride to where "George" works, and hung out with George for an hour or so before we headed back home.   I don't cry in front of George, he's my happy place, so I was good hanging out with him and staying level.

Someone told me that walking is good for grief.    It may be.  I know by the time I was done about 1/2 hour of walking, I was feeling better.

Next time, though, I'll wear boots.  And gloves.  And a jacket. Oh, and my scarf.

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Comment by MissingRKK on January 9, 2013 at 12:15pm

Oh my! What a first day. Hugs to you and wishes for warm and dry feet!

Comment by Morgana (Janet) on January 9, 2013 at 7:46am

Wow.  That sounds  like something I would probably have done myself.  Hugs.

Comment by Mac on January 8, 2013 at 9:10pm


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