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 It is the stupidest fucking day of the year. It is DESIGNED to make everyone partnered or not to feel bad about what they give or what they get. Top that together with the NOT STOP COVERAGE of Fifty Shades of Stupid and I am ready to punch a baby. I cannot believe that a book that celebrates a woman abdicating control of her life when we ALL LOST CONTROL of our lives. I wish that someone would talk about sitting there watching my husband die and that lack of control and why that should earn 50 billions dollars. This is the picture taken on February 14 , 2010. It the last Valentines day we ever had. It is the last time my whole family was together alive. He died 3 weeks after. He hated Valentines day. But that day he, in the hospital he made me a card with drawn on a piece of paper and a pen. I taped a copy of what Michelle said about this day on my fridge to remind me I was loved. I am sure it is the timing of this day and the fact that my 5 year crapavirsary is right around the corner. But I really hate this chocolate covered clusterfuck.

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Comment by only1sue on February 13, 2015 at 4:47pm

Yes indeed.

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