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YOU ARE ALL I EVER WANTED Memories to get me through Christmas

Wes and I in 2010      Memories to help me get through Christmas


Wes wrote : To my Darling ( ……) Happy Birthday. I embrace you on this day and together we will embrace our glorious future.  All my Love


                                                                                 YOU ARE ALL  I  EVER WANTED 

This is a card from my husband. He seemed to be led by God to find cards that could tell of his love and how grateful he was.  WE HAD BEEN MARRIED FOR QUITE A FEW YEARS BY THIS TIME.

“ I always wanted someone special in my life. I wanted someone who cared about me and understood my feelings: someone who would listen to my worries and try to help me ease my way through them. I wanted someone who would be patient with me when I needed a little more time and tolerance.  Some one who didn’t expect or demand that I try to be someone I’m not, and who wouldn’t manipulate me into their idea of a perfect mate…

In my life, I wanted someone who knew how to give  - not just on special occasions or when it’s easy or convenient, but every day – whenever there was a moment that we could share.

I wanted someone who would make time for me regardless of busy and hectic schedules; I wanted to know that I mattered and that I was more important than a busisness deal.

I wanted someone in my life who knew what love and loving mean and who allowed themselves every opportunity to enjoy those wonderful feelings.

And while I’m thinking about all these outstanding qualities and characteristics, I might as well add that I wanted someone who had hopes and dreams about happiness and the future, just as I did.

And you probably know by now… you are the person who fits all my ideals.  And I hope you know that when it comes to the special someone in my life, you are all I ever wanted.”


Written by Deana  Beisser

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